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Annan will grow your sales revenue and improve your levels of service and customer satisfaction. We connect with your customers and bring you effective results that aid in your quest to acquire new business. We listen to your customers to provide you with a extensive data containing feedback to assist you in future development. Sales are enhanced as rapport is built with your customers. Your business will be marketed as if it is our own. We have a proven track record of businesses which we’ve helped to grow. A marketing plan is developed using a customized software application to support your goals. We obtain the information you want to collect, particular questions to ask, how to ask them and who to speak to. The survey is designed and we’ll assist you in incorporating survey results into PR and marketing activities. The data is then incorporated in a convenient report to be used for business decisions such as product introductions, pricing, messaging and branding. Survey research is a valuable tool to use to gather information about customers, attitudes, market drivers and challenges.

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Colleen Annan

Annan Marketing Services Inc