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Customer Service 



Lead generation provides the opportunity for a customer to grow their business. The Annan Team will make calls off a list provided. This professional presentation will explain the benefits of our clients' business and identify customer interest. Results of calls are thoroughly documented, statistically and behaviorally. 


Consistent contact with benefit message to your customers. Reminders to order. Increasing sales. Retaining your customers.

Updating your customer database: finding the decision-makers and making sure you have the best points of contact to reach those people.

Call plans - we learn to know your customers. How they operate, what they want and need. Our customized approach to call plans ensures that we meet their need and we get the information you want.


Inbound and outbound services provided. The goal is to immediately resolve customer questions in an accurate and factual manner. We excel in changing an agitated customer into a satisfied customer using trained employees. Customer satisfaction strengthens loyalty and incremental sales. Annan provides Inside Sales support that will work jointly with Customer Support.

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