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Annan and client develop a Call Plan focused on benefits to the customer and valuable information. Annan delivers the benefit message, listens to voice of customer, documents responses in client customized CRM, and writes a summary report. The benefit message is often sales promotions where customer can save money. Relevant corporate bulletins/letters will be delivered to customer in abbreviated meaningful manner saving customer time reading and interpreting. Same Annan person contacting consistently the same customer builds a solid relationship and consultative manner of doing business.


Annan becomes an extended part of client understanding their products, business practices and culture interacting with customer as though an employee of client. Annan will professionally represent client being on the “front line” with customer showing empathy to customer, educating to client information, comments made to support client and fulfilling desires of client. As a sales team, the ROI generally offsets the expense creating a profit center. Annan is totally focused on one project and avoids other distracting interruptions that often happen in a corporate environment. Annan is committed to client and knows if we don’t perform, the Agreement can be terminated so our livelihood depends on exceptional performance.


Annan provides a turn key solution. Since 1991, development of business practices will be shared with client saving valuable time to become effective quickly. Trained and professional personnel are highly skilled and ready to perform. Client eliminates the need to find personnel, train, manage, develop documenting system, provide benefits, HR situations, reduce overhead and if person doesn’t work out, begin the process again. Inside Sales with voice communication and/or video, such as Zoom, has provided an economical means to contact customers relationally with outstanding results. Annan is self-managed, allowing client time to focus on other aspects of their business.

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