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We are committed to cultivating long-lasting relationships with our clients by actively listening to their goals and providing unique and effective solutions that bring their visions to life.


Following his graduation from college in 1971, Rod secured a position with a leading OEM Ag company, where he gained extensive experience in marketing, sales, and management. He promptly realized the significance of fostering robust customer relationships and serving customers in the same way he would want to be served. From entry-level to executive positions, he recognized the importance of treating colleagues with respect, listening actively, and making fair decisions.

In 1991, Annan Marketing was established, with a primary focus on aiding clients in reaching out to their customers via telephone to deliver a valuable message and gather feedback. The entrepreneurial mindset paved the way for the creation of a team of committed personnel dedicated to serving clients and customers. Active participation in industry trade shows, investing in client businesses, attending educational seminars, and managing staff have all contributed to many years of success.


Rod derives immense joy from spending time with his wife, children, grandchildren, and extended family. He endeavors to maintain an active lifestyle by exercising regularly and volunteering in the community.

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