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Grow your Sales Revenue

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Our goal is to help grow your sales revenue as you improve your levels of service and customer satisfaction. We collect customer feedback information about sales resistance, competition, concerns, market conditions, requests, and suggestions to enhance product or promotion. In other words, we will be the voice of the customer. Building a relationship with the customer is a priority, this will help you increase customer count, purchase frequency, and average purchase price. Our professionals are here to drive home your company's message in the most effective and timely manner.

What we do

What customers need most of all today is help. Help thinking about complex worlds; help thinking themselves through resource constraints; help building the best solution for their environments. We help, educate, and collaborate with your potential customer, before a sale is completed. We believe being a more knowledgeable authority and an outstanding advisor with the deepest understanding of your potential customers world is essential in sales. However, relationship builders and transactional sellers need to understand the customer has a very different set of expectations today than they did 12 or 18 months ago.

Know the customer inside and out

· This sounds so simple but it is often overlooked.

· Plan your questions. The quality of the answers you receive is based on the quality of the questions asked. Be thoughtful and thought-provoking during questioning.

· OFFER A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE. This is easier said than done, and it takes practice and experience, but it will set you apart from more than 96% of the reps calling that very same business.

· Know personal traits of your customer finding the bind establishing relationships.

· Know why your customer buys and use that sales approach.

· Never sell a product not usable or re-sold

. Your customer will remember this forever.

· Selling is not about selling, it's about solving puzzles.

Listening has never been more important

Ask thought provoking questions about their business, priorities, and needs while LISTENING for what they may not know. This is where your open opportunity lies. The real challenge in listening today is you must hear what is not being said. How? This goes back to how much your sales team knows about the world the potential customer lives in. Being savvy in their market is critical. The biggest opportunities to serve are NOT in what is known (as this is easy to find in the prospect’s mind) but what is not known or obvious.

Two-way dialogue/excellent communications skills are essential

How we say things is more important than the spoken words. If you’re sharing recommendations but your potential customers don’t understand, or cannot see the picture as you see it, then there’s potential for you to miss an opportunity for business.

Identify the economic drivers for your prospect’s company

If you understand their economic drivers, your ability to relate your services to these drivers will be far more attractive.

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